You must login before you can add your film.

Why do I need to login?
In order to add, edit or delete your film from this website, you must be logged in using one of the apps above. This allows you to revise your content after it’s posted. Your personal information will not be stored.

Are there any requirements of adding my film?
The only requirement is that the film has been produced in (or as a part of) a course taken at The New School.

How is information on this website verified?
It’s not. All content is submitted using the honor system.

What do I need to do before I can add my film?
You must first upload your film to Vimeo. You should also prepare your film credits, and a link to IMDb if applicable.

What should I do if I see incorrect information, or wish to request the removal of a film?
If you added the film, you can edit or delete any data associated with that film by logging in and clicking Edit. If you didn’t add the film, and wish to delete it, or correct or modify any content, send a request on the contact page.

Is this an official New School website?
No, it’s a completely independent website, and is not affiliated with The New School. The purpose of the site is to create an archive of student work.